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Schedule a Consultation614-761-9775
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Ohio Immigration Attorneys - Muchnicki & Bittner, LLP

The attorneys of Muchnicki & Bittner, LLP have over 45 years of immigration law experience. The firm, even though located in Ohio, focuses on United States immigration law throughout the United States.

The attorneys of Muchnicki & Bittner, LLP understand the intricacies of immigration law, and through a tailored strategy they are able to guide you through your rights and responsibilities for your immigration situation. Their personalized approach ensures that this very meaningful time in your life will be handled with sensitivity and care.

Compassion And Aggressive Immigration Advocacy

Because of the firm’s background in both government and private practice they know how overwhelming it can seem for one person to conduct litigation against the government.

To be of assistance Muchnicki & Bittner, LLP offers an initial one hour telephone or office consultation at a fee of $100 which will be included in the overall fee if you retain the firm. CONTACT OUR FIRM AT 614-761-9775

The immigration law experience of Muchnicki & Bittner, LLP covers a wide range of immigration subjects including:

The immigration law firm of Muchnicki & Bittner has handled asylum claims and other immigration cases for clients from many countries.

Please see the countries for which we provide immigration services

Muchnicki & Bittner, LPP specializes in complex litigation matters and has appeared before the United States Supreme Court, the United States First Circuit Court of Appeals, Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Third Circuit Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals and the District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals and numerous federal district courts.

Our regular business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and we also offer early morning and evening hours by appointment.